How to add personal touches to your wedding day

Your wedding day is not just a day to cement your relationship with your partner in front of family and friends, it’s also a day to celebrate that relationship and all the things that make it special and unique. Adding personal touches to your wedding day is all part of the excitement. It helps you to share with your guests the things that have brought you together, and set your love apart.

Start with you
There are so many ways you can add a personal touch to the day’s proceedings, so why not make a list of things that are special to you both? Think about the music that was playing the first time you kissed, or consider a shared interest such as sports, travel or books. Once you have made your list, you will be ready to choose where to incorporate your distinctive personal touches into your wedding day.

The kind of flowers you choose can set your wedding apart. You can take inspiration from the venue and the season, or pick flowers that you both love – or maybe even colours that match your personal colour scheme. If you need guidance, you can work with us and we’ll help you to choose distinctive flowers that match your dream.

Food and drink
What is your favourite meal? What were you eating when you got engaged? Is there a drink you are well known for? Do you know a lot about wine? Even if your venue can’t offer exactly the menu you want, you can print your own menus and give the dishes and drinks names that mean something to you both. You could even get personalised labels printed for your wine choices and have them placed on your bottles!

Name the tables
Remember the list of your shared interests? Why not use them to name your tables for your wedding day dinner? It will be a lot easier for your guests to remember where they are sitting, and it will be something fun for them to talk about.

Music is so personal, and there’s nothing like it for creating strong memories. Choose a band, artist or DJ who reflects your personal style and then work with them to make sure that the songs you want are included. If you want to create a classy atmosphere, for example, you could choose a jazz swing band to make your wedding really stand out.

Wedding car
Hire a quirky or distinctive car to add a unique, personal touch to your wedding day. It could be a London bus, a vintage car, or even a cute camper van.

These are just some of the ways you can add personal touches that make your special day one to remember, for everyone involved.

Written by: Blake Miller
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