Considering Your Venue:

A Guide to Discussing Wedding Flowers with Your Florist

Planning a wedding involves weaving together countless details, and one of the most visually impactful aspects is selecting the perfect floral arrangements. Flowers have the remarkable ability to transform a venue into a romantic and captivating space, bringing your wedding vision to life. However, the choice of wedding flowers isn't made in isolation; it's essential to consider the venue when discussing options with your florist to ensure your wedding flowers harmonise flawlessly with your chosen venue.

Venue Style and Theme

Every venue has its own unique style and ambiance. For example, the beautiful Tudor Baronial Barn at Crondon Park sports rustic beams and high ceilings and suits a pastoral, countryside theme. The first step is to ensure that your floral choices align with the venue's aesthetics. Your florist should have a clear understanding of your wedding theme and the overall vibe you wish to create and ideally would have worked with the venue before so already has an understanding of what works within the space.

Space and Scale

Consider the size and layout of your venue. For grand ballrooms, tall centerpieces and elaborate floral installations might be appropriate. However, in more intimate spaces, simpler arrangements might be more effective. Discuss with your florist how to make the most of the space without overwhelming it. Ask if they can accompany you to the venue in advance so they can suggest what can work where you can visualise it.

Color Palette

Your wedding flowers should complement the venue's color palette rather than clash with it. Bring samples of the venue's décor, such as fabric swatches or images, to your florist consultation. This will help your florist choose flowers that complement the existing colors and decor. View our gallery to see how our wedding bouquets come to life.

Natural Features

Take advantage of any natural features your venue offers. If there's a stunning fireplace, staircase, or archway, consider how floral arrangements can enhance these elements. Your florist can suggest designs that accentuate the venue's existing beauty.

Seasonal Availability

The season in which you're getting married can greatly impact the availability of certain flowers. Choosing locally available, in-season blooms not only ensures the freshest arrangements but can also help tie in with the surrounding environment. Your florist can guide you on the best floral choices for your wedding date.

Venue Restrictions

Some venues may have restrictions on floral installations due to their preservation or structural concerns. Discuss these restrictions with your florist so they can devise creative solutions that stay within the guidelines while still achieving your desired look.

Logistics and Setup

Consider how the logistics of setting up floral arrangements will work within the venue. Your florist should be aware of the setup process and any constraints they might encounter. Working closely with your venue coordinator and florist can ensure a seamless setup.


Lighting can dramatically affect how your floral arrangements are perceived. Whether your venue has abundant natural light, soft candlelight, or vibrant colored lights, your florist can advise on flower choices that will shine in the given lighting conditions.

We work with many local venues which you can find on our venue page but when it comes to wedding flowers, synergy with the chosen venue is key. The right floral arrangements can enhance the ambiance, reinforce your wedding theme, and put your stamp on a venue. By discussing your venue's characteristics, restrictions, and features with your florist, you'll ensure that your wedding blooms become an integral part of the magical atmosphere you're creating for your special day.

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