Three of the most popular wedding themes to consider for your big day

With the wedding rulebook seemingly having long been torn up, modern couples are becoming more experimental than ever when it comes to wedding themes. Venturing away from long-standing traditions gives soonlyweds the opportunity to incorporate their passions and personalities into their wedding’s design, making it an altogether more personal affair. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are three of the most popular themes we’re seeing more couples explore.


Boho weddings seemingly never go out of fashion. These types of celebrations are defined by an easy-going approach to decorations and outfits, often with an eclectic blend of styles coming together in place of a more traditional, structured approach. It’s common with a boho theme to lean into the beauty of nature, with forests, beaches and the countryside being typical locations for this style of wedding.

When it comes to the horticultural elements of the day, the only rule is there are no rules – that’s the beauty of a boho bash. Discord and aberration is the order of the day, and this should be reflected in your choice of bouquets; think bright bursts of colour in your flowery assortments. If you want to really play up to the theme, you could even incorporate the flora into your outfit flower crowns always hit the mark at these free-spirited celebrations. 

Inspired by fiction

Any wedding is an opportunity for couples to showcase their likes, hobbies and interests, and more people are forgoing classic wedding traditions to really let their personalities shine through. Whether it’s a love for Disney, Harry Potter, or any other film, book or television show that’s important to you, there are so many ways you can incorporate your favourite work of fiction into your fairytale wedding.

As part of the planning process, think about how you can align your decor with the theme of your favourite book or movie. For the Disney adults among us, you’ll want to keep the decor light and airy. Think pastel flower walls, cascading bouquets and a wide array of colours as you let your imaginations run wild. If your taste in fiction is something altogether more gruesome and gloomy, dark flowers can perfectly complement a gothic venue like a castle or old country house. Deep ruby carnations and scarlet foliage can hit the right notes if you’re picturing a moody and romantic atmosphere.


If travel is an important part of your lifestyle, there are so many ways you can incorporate this passion into your big day. Perhaps there’s a certain destination that stands out as a particular favourite, or maybe there’s a spot that holds a special place in your hearts. Infusing your wedding with the theme of travel literally opens up an entire world of possibilities, from the food, to the outfits, to the floral arrangements.

Draw inspiration from one or a handful of your favourite travel destinations, and throw an international party without borders. Or, if you have the resources and the wherewithal, why not go the whole hog and plan a destination wedding? There’s something really special about performing your nuptials in a far-flung country that perhaps resonates with your personalities. However you decide to throw your travel-focused wedding, you’re sure to inspire feelings of wanderlust amongst your beloved guests.

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