The Wedding of Amber & Alex – Braxted Park

As soon as we had our first meeting with Amber and Alex, we felt a connection. They had a beautifully clear view of what they were looking for and came armed with Pinterest boards and bundles of inspiration. Sitting in our consultation room, we presented them with a range of flowers to suit their vision and it quickly became apparent that we were on the same page.  

After the initial consultation, we set about creating a theme based around pinks, lilacs and a range of light pastel colours. As the pictures show, hydrangeas featured heavily in their outdoor setting, so we sourced the very best for Amber and Alex’s day.

Braxted Park
Braxted Park is such a stunning venue and as a lot of Amber and Alex’s wedding was to be outside, we were all hoping for the very best weather. On the morning, we heard that much of the UK was experiencing some pretty heavy downpours, but they had beautiful weather all day long. Braxted Park - ever the professionals - had a lovely back up plan, though, and we could have slipped off to the pavilion if the weather was on the chilly side.

The sprawling grounds at Braxted Park make it the perfect location for a larger wedding. The intricate gardens and interesting features surrounding where they had the ceremony meant that we were able to be inventive with where and how we displayed the flowers.

Our Flowers
We wanted something to compliment the gorgeous gardens at Braxted Park and fit seamlessly with all of the little extras Amber and Alex had picked up for their day. With intricate details like wooden signs and bunting, there was a slightly rustic feel to the day.  

With that in mind, we used foliage in the form of eucalyptus to frame our show-stopping flowers. We particularly love eucalyptus because of the beautiful smell it lets off. It gives off a rustic feel to larger displays; the doorway arch is a prime example of how well this can work.

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Our showstoppers were the pink and lilac hydrangeas. Eyes draw naturally to such gorgeous flowers, and when they’re paired with the light greens of the eucalyptus, the colours pop even more. We added sprigs of gypsophila into the eucalyptus to really hone in on the rustic trend.

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Amber’s Bouquet
Amber had her heart set on the type of dress she wanted, and it looked stunning. It was by David Tutera for Mon Cheri. The intricate lace and the slight sparkle fitted the day perfectly. She paired her dress with a gorgeous pair of sparkling Jimmy Choos and rose gold jewellery.

We wanted Amber’s bouquet to fit the overall style her and Alex had so lovingly created whilst making sure the flowers would last and look pretty from the beginning to end. We chose the sweet avalanche rose as one of the key components to Amber’s bouquet. It’s got a wonderfully strong stem - making it perfect for when the bouquet is thrown later in the evening!

We styled the sweet avalanche rose alongside the heaven rose; they complement each other beautifully. Heaven roses are pale pink with a slightly smaller head than the sweet avalanche rose, which is why they look so fantastic when paired.

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The Day
We’re so pleased that they day was so utterly perfect for Amber and Alex. They are such a wonderful couple and they had such a clear vision of the type of wedding they wanted, which made them a pleasure to work with.

We wish them a long marriage filled with so much happiness and hope to be able to work with them again in the future.

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